Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to ET Online College, and thank you for taking time to learn more about us. ET Online College is a pioneer private online academic institution in Ethiopia and the region. At ET Online College, we provide a premier, student-centered educational experience to all students. Our programs prepare students for the right jobs with the right skills, knowledge and attitude required.  They also help students develop the critical thinking, teamwork skills, and effective communication abilities that employers increasingly demand from employees. Our College provides opportunities and inspires students to achieve their goals through all its activities. Hence, the main aspiration of ET Online College is to expanding access to higher education beyond the limits of physical distances. It is a privilege to lead such an outstanding institution of higher learning. The College seeks for academic excellence in all of its academic programs and committed to deliver first class education. Moreover, in this rapidly changing global economic environment, the college strives to bring up-to-date global perspectives to all its programs. In addition, the College pursues for global alliances with highly reputed academic institutions, industry and organizations. In fact, all these commitments of the college are surely realized through our well managed student efforts, highly qualified instructors, dedicated support staff and the management. I, therefore, strongly believe that ET Online College is a place where you can realize your potentials as you seek intellectual challenges and personal fulfillment. Our website contains a number of resources for you to learn more about our College. I encourage you to visit our website for outstanding opportunities and academic programs that ET Online offers.


Habtamu Zelelew (PhD, PE, MASCE)
Associate Professor
ET Online College