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Student Testimonial (Selected)


→ For several years, I have been waiting online learning platform in our country to pursue my education. The College’s scholarship allows me to achieve my dreams. I am really amazed the continuous support that I get from the course instructors, teaching assistants (TAs) and staffs. Thank you!  [ Oumer Nur, MBA Student ]

→ I would like to express my sincere appreciation as MBA scholarship recipient for the opportunity granted. And I am proud to reveal the college devotion and commitment to bring education accessed easily with quality to upgrade the skills and experience to next level to achieve personal and country demands anywhere and anytime. Thanks ET Online College! [ Elias Bekele, MBA Student ] 

As a recipient of ET Online scholarship I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation of your recognition on my effort. This will enable me to accomplish my study goal with manageable platform you have provided. I love your Support. [ Hadiyawork Tesfaye, MBA Student ]

→ First of all I would like to express my heartfelt appreciations for the award of a full scholarship to pursue my studies at ET Online College. The exposure remains imperative for me to obtain and integrate diverse ideas and perspectives pertaining to various global issues. Moreover, your benevolent deeds insist to think of engaging myself in volunteerism and serve my community at large. [ Biruksew Yilma, MBA Student ]

→ I’m glad receiving scholarship from ET Online College. The opportunity is important especially for students with financial constraints. The College delivers quality education using recent technologies. The digital course resources along with progressive evaluation system allow me to achieve my learning goals. Thank you!                   [ Melaku Shimelis, MBA Student]