Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Accounting and Finance is designed to provide students with a unique blend of insights into financial information. This program integrates both disciplines with a carefully selected flow of courses that enables the student to interrelate the information provided to make both tactical and strategic decisions. The program provides a competitive advantage for students pursuing careers in either accounting or finance. The program is a dynamic program of study that offers great opportunities for professional development. The program is designed to enable students develop critical thinking, innovation, competencies and effectiveness skills. Students will demonstrate an understanding of current practices in accounting, auditing and finance areas. The curriculum consists of 147 credits of coursework. The total program duration is four years. The program is designed for individuals who cannot attend on campus classes because of employment or geographical constraints.

Year 1 Semester I:

Communicative English Language Skill I [3 Credits]

Introduction to Economics [3 Credits]

Introduction to Emerging Technologies [3 Credits]

Mathematics for Social Sciences [3 Credits]

World History [3 Credits]

General Psychology [3 Credits]


Year 1 Semester II:

Communicative English Language Skill II [3 Credits]

Critical Thinking [3 Credits]

Entrepreneurship [3 Credits]

Introduction to Computer Applications [3 Credits]

Global Trend [3 Credits]

Moral and Civic Education [3 Credits]


Year 2 Semester I:

Fundamentals of Accounting I [3 Credits]

Introduction to Management [3 Credits]

Business Mathematics [3 Credits]

Macroeconomics [3 Credits]

Basic Statistics [3 Credits]

Introduction to Information Systems [3 Credits]


Year 2 Semester II:

Fundamentals of Accounting II [3 Credits]

Business Statistics [3 Credits]

Principles of Marketing [3 Credits]

Risk Management and Insurance [3 Credits]

Contemporary Business Communication [3 Credits]

Business Law [3 Credits]


Year 3 Semester I:

Intermediate Financial Accounting I [3 Credits]

Cost and Management Accounting I [3 Credits]

Research Methods in Accounting and Finance [3 Credits]

Financial Management I [3 Credits]

Accounting for Public Sector and Civil Society [3 Credits]

Financial Institutions and Markets [3 Credits]

Econometrics for Finance [3 Credits]


Year 3 Semester II:

Intermediate Financial Accounting II [3 Credits]

Cost and Management Accounting II [3 Credits]

Financial Management II [3 Credits]

Financial Modeling [3 Credits]

Public Finance and Taxation [3 Credits]

Operations Research [3 Credits]


Year 4 Semester I:

Advanced Financial Accounting I [3 Credits]

Auditing Principles and Practices I [3 Credits]

Operations Management [3 Credits]

Internship [3 Credits]

Accounting Information Systems [3 Credits]

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management [3 Credits]


Year 4 Semester II:

Advanced Financial Accounting II [3 Credits]

Strategic Management [3 Credits]

Auditing Principles and Practices II [3 Credits]

Project Analysis and Evaluation [3 Credits]

Senior Research Project II [3 Credits]

Accounting Software Applications [3 Credits]

Duration: 4 years
Total Credits: 147
Delivery: 100% online