Bachelor of Art in Management

The Bachelor of Art degree program in Management emphasizes the management of organizations and personnel in multicultural and global settings. The program provides students with a comprehensive overview of business functions that students can use in a wide range of roles and fields. The program focuses on the management concepts and practices needed to organize, motivate, and lead a high-performance workforce. The program equips students to be a holistic, resourceful, innovative and reflective practitioner of management, able to independently identify and develop their own specialisms.  It also offers students with critical quantitative skills in marketing, project management, finance and other major areas of business that today’s top employers demand. The curriculum consists of 147 credits of coursework. The total program duration is four years. The program is designed for individuals who cannot attend on campus classes because of employment or geographical constraints.

Year 1 Semester I:

Communicative English Language Skill I [3 Credits]

Introduction to Economics [3 Credits]

Introduction to Emerging Technologies [3 Credits]

Mathematics for Social Sciences [3 Credits]

World History [3 Credits]

General Psychology [3 Credits]


Year 1 Semester II:

Communicative English Language Skill II [3 Credits]

Critical Thinking [3 Credits]

Entrepreneurship [3 Credits]

Introduction to Computer Applications [3 Credits]

Global Trend [3 Credits]

Moral and Civic Education [3 Credits]


Year 2 Semester I:

Basic Writing Skills [3 Credits]

Microeconomics [3 Credits]

Introduction to Management [3 Credits]

Organization Theory [3 Credits]

Administrative and Business Communication [3 Credits]

Statistics for Management I [3 Credits]


Year 2 Semester II:

Mathematics for Management [3 Credits]

Principle of Marketing [3 Credits]

Fundamentals of Accounting I [3 Credits]

Statistics for Management II [3 Credits]

Macroeconomics [3 Credits]

Organizational Behavior [3 Credits]


Year 3 Semester I:

Materials Management [3 Credits]

Human Resource Management [3 Credits]

International Marketing [3 Credits]

Fundamentals of Accounting II [3 Credits]

Management Information System [3 Credits]

Econometrics for Management [3 Credits]


Year 3 Semester II:

Leadership and Change Management [3 Credits]

Cost and Management Accounting I [3 Credits]

Business Research Methods [3 Credits]

System Analysis and Design [3 Credits]

Business Law [3 Credits]

Managerial Economics [3 Credits]


Year 4 Semester I:

Internship in Management [3 Credits]

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility [3 Credits]

Cost and Management Accounting II [3 Credits]

Operations Research [3 Credits]

Financial Management [3 Credits]

Risk Management and Insurance [3 Credits]

Research in Management I [3 Credits]


Year 4 Semester II:

Operations Management [3 Credits]

Management of Financial Institutions [3 Credits]

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship [3 Credits]

Project Management [3 Credits]

Strategic Management [3 Credits]

Research in Management II [3 Credits]

duration: 4 years
total Credits: 147
Delivery: 100% online