ET Online College accepts and reviews applications twice per year (July and December). The application takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. All applicants must be 18 years of age and demonstrate proficiency in English. If you have any questions about admissions contact us at +251930350528 or

General Admissions Requirements
To be considered for admission to ET Online College, you must meet the following minimum requirements, although completing these requirements does not guarantee admission:

Graduate Students (Master’s):

• Carefully review all necessary deadlines and admission criteria
• Pay the non-refundable application fee when you submit your application
• Complete online admission application
• Official transcript (Academic institutions must directly mail official transcript to ET Online College)
• Proof of valid identification (Copy of passport, driving license or government ID)
• Copy of Bachelor’s degree
• Copies of unofficial transcript (Student copy)
• Motivation letter  (500 to 700 words)
• One recommendation letter
• A recent passport size color photo
• Meet any program specific admission requirements

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