Marketing Management

The Bachelor of Art degree program in Marketing Management is designed to be high impact, giving students the skills needed to be a leader in marketing. Students will be prepared to stand out with understanding of strategy, consumer demand, creative thinking, and communication techniques. The program focuses on the critical skills students need to thrive including the nature of consumers, sales management, advertising, quality management, law and ethics in the marketing environment, digital marketing and communication. Students will study and analyze consumer behavior and learn how to develop marketing strategies for various products and services. The program prepares students for professional careers in the field of marketing and emphasizes the techniques and methods of managing and planning for marketing. The curriculum consists of 147 credits of coursework. The total program duration is four years. The program is designed for individuals who cannot attend on campus classes because of employment or geographical constraints. 

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duration: 4 years
total Credits: 147
Delivery: 100% online