ET Online College

Et Online College offers high quality 100% online degree programs at an affordable fee to students. Etonline is a recognized leader in the use of technology for higher education and is committed to achieving international standards of excellence. Et Online College was established with the purpose of providing internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business and economics, engineering and computer science and allied health sciences. Etonline is established by visionary owners who have a strong passion and commitment to contribute to the national development by producing relevant and competent professionals for the work force. Students busy work responsibilities, travel requirements, and family obligations can pursue their education from the convenience of their own keyboards, whenever and wherever they may be. In the College, there is no on-campus requirement nor are all students expected to be online at the same time. Etonline credits its success to expert faculty, close partnerships with the business community, and its emphasis on rigorous academics and experiential learning. Etonline provides distinct and relevant education that prepares students to be leaders in the development and use of multidisciplinary approaches to solve complex and critical problems innovatively and creatively.


Etonline is committed to being a globally recognized innovative online higher education, serving those who strive to make a difference in their professional career and community.


To provide quality, accessible, affordable, professionally relevant programs in a technology-driven world.


Core Values

Quality: Etonline is committed to provide a relevant and quality global education.  

Accessibility and Affordability: Etonline demonstrates commitment to accessibility and affordability of higher education by facilitating learning that fits into the student’s schedule and by seeking efficiencies that keep programs affordable.

Integrity: Etonline commits all students, faculty, staff and administrators to uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty and personal responsibility. 

Diversity: Etonline affirms its commitment to an inclusive community by making its academic programs, educational services and employment opportunities available to all qualified individuals and by encouraging tolerance, mutual respect and acceptance of differences throughout the institution.

Dr. Ahmedin M. Ahmed

State Minister

Ministry of Innovation and Technology


Dr. Wubishet Jekale

Associate Professor

Addis Ababa University


Dr. Tadele Ferede


Ethiopian Economics Association


Dr Tegbar Yigzaw


Ethiopian Medical Association


Ms. Cherer Aklilu

Chief Communications Officer

Ethio Telecom


Mr. Karl-Johan Grahn

Senior Software Engineer

Lucy Consulting Engineers