Research Methods in Public Health

Course description

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of research study design and methods and data collection in public health. It serves as an introduction to quantitative, qualitative, mixed method and participatory approaches to research, as well as ethical issues in conducting research. Through the mix of texts, articles from the public health literature and course work, students will build skills for conducting research and evaluation. The course prepares students to critically evaluate research protocols in public health. The course will prepare student to design practical research methodologies to evaluate contributing factors of contemporary health issues with measurable goals and objectives.

Course outcomes

Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Develop research proposal
• Search literature review
• Data collection
• Sampling and sample size in health research
• Data analyze and interpretation
• Handle ethical consideration
• Write thesis report
• Manage research projects

Course contents

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🔽 2 h 18 min | Introduction
  • Define scientific inquiry
  • Define research
  • Major types of health research
  • Differentiate theory, hypothesis and research question
🔽 1 h 04 min | Conceptualizing Health Research and Problem Identification
  • How to conceptualize health research and develop conceptual framework for their proposal or thesis
  • Problem statement
  • Criteria for title selection
  • Write problem statement in proposal development and thesis write up
  • Objectives in research
🔽 1 h 10 min | Literature Review and Citation
  • Reasons for reviewing available literature and other information during the preparation of a research protocol
  • Resources that are available for carrying out literature review
🔽 1 h 41 min | Epidemiologic Study Designs
  • Types of epidemiologic study designs
  • Study designs used in health system research and their uses and limitations
  • Guidelines in choosing appropriate research design
🔽 1 h 13 min | Sampling and Sample Size in Health Research
  • Different types of sampling techniques
  • The sample size calculations used for each study design with their assumptions
  • Calculate appropriate sample size for proposal/thesis
🔽 0 h 50 min | Data Collection and Analysis
  • Data collection techniques and sources of data
  • Data collection methods
  • How to process data
  • How to plan for data analysis
  • Statistical method for different measurements
🔽 1 h 16 min | Research Ethics
  • Major ethical principles of research
  • Ethical issues when planning to conduct a research
🔽 0 h 42 min | Research Report Writing
  • How to write research proposal
  • How to write thesis report
  • How to write scientific paper/publication


This course includes:

    10 h 14 min recorded video

    Downloadable resources (books and articles)

    One year access

    Access on mobile and TV

    Advanced Level

    Certificate of completion


1 year of access
This course does not have any sections.
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