Organization Behavior and Development

Course description

This course deals with the meaning and analysis of organizational behavior. It presents the concepts of individual behavior such as perception, value, attitude and motivation. It also includes the conceptual framework for the group behaviors like work teams, leadership, power, politics and conflict. Concepts of organization systems including structure and technology, work design, culture and organizational change will also be dealt with.

Course outcomes

Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Comprehend the present status of organizational behavior as a management discipline
• Understand the importance and application of individual behaviors such as perception, motivation and so on in practice of organization behavior
• Develop understanding and skills in work teams, leadership, conflict management and in dealing with organization behavior power politics
• Understand organizational systems and processes such as communication, work design and structure
• Appreciate organizational culture, change and learning in a given organization

Course contents

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🔽 0 h 32 min | An Overview of Organizational Behavior
  • Organization behavior
  • Basic units of analysis in organization behavior
  • Contributing disciplines to organization behavior
  • Management and organization behavior in the 21st century
🔽 1 h 25 min | Foundation of Individual Behavior and Learning in an Organization
  • Perception and individual decision making
  • Components of attitude
  • Individual’s personality
  • The rationale behind motivation
  • The concept of stress
🔽 1 h 28 min | Foundation of Group Behavior
  • The rationale behind formation of a group
  • Stages of group development
  • Conflict management strategies
🔽 0 h 59 min | Organizational Process
  • Group decision making
  • Organizational structure
  • Power and organizational politics
🔽 0 h 51 min | Organizational Culture and Change
  • Organizational culture
  • The way employees learn culture
  • Organization development


This course includes:

    5 h 15 min recorded video

    Downloadable resources (books and articles)

    One year access

    Access on mobile and TV

    Advanced Level

    Certificate of completion


1 year of access
This course does not have any sections.
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