Management and Leadership

Students learn to supervise, lead, develop, and direct employees both individually and collectively to accomplish organizational goals. They will learn the essential responsibilities of managers in fulfilling their duties and realizing the potential of their entire team. Students will also increase their understanding of developing the leadership attributes of self-assessment, motivation, messaging, effective communication, and inspiration. They will learn how to inspire trust, build credibility, define a clear purpose and create systems of success.

Training topics to be covered include:
Management Fundamentals
• First Time Manager Essentials
• Leveraging Key Management Techniques
• Managing Employee Performance

Success with Management
• Advanced Management Techniques
• Managing a Multi-generational Workforce
• Managing in Difficult Times
• Achieving Success through Delegation
• Empowering Employees
• Managing Technical Teams
• Coaching to Drive Success

• Leveraging Leadership Techniques
• Creating a Positive Atmosphere
• Leading Virtual Teams
• Business Acumen Essentials
• Organizational Awareness
• Performance Measurement
• Inspiring and Developing as a Leader
• Generating Creative Ideas
• Improving Your Leadership Skills
• Women in Leadership

Course Outcomes

Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Distinguish between the four types of mentoring and identify the steps to implement a mentoring program in a multigenerational work environment
• Recognize opportunities for strengthening an organization during difficult times
• Recognize techniques that bridge the gap between technical teams and their non-technical managers
• Recognize best practices for helping a coachee overcome obstacles to success
• Identify key characteristics of an effective leadership development plan
• Identify strategies for ensuring respectful treatment of all members of a diverse team
• Take appropriate actions to prepare a leadership development plan and to overcome barriers to team creativity
• Identify best practices for developing a network that works for women and techniques to reframe limiting beliefs

Target Student

The target students for this course consists of all individuals in a management role at any level, including supervisors, team leaders, professionals, departmental heads, directors, top management, and executives.


Modality: Self-paced
Duration: 40 Hours
Offered: 24/5
Start Date: On the first Monday of every month
Registration Ends: One week before start date
Certificate: Yes

Management and Leadership

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