Civil Engineering Ethics and Professional Practice

Course description

This course describes how engineering practices have their own ethics to govern actions to be done according to standards of ethical conduct. The course discusses concepts that include civil engineering professionalism and ethics in construction industry, code of ethics and the law. This course is designed to help prepare students for their future careers as licensed professional engineers and is directed to students in their higher level of study. The course starts with a brief background on ethics and professionalism constituting the history of ethics and its principles. It also explains values and professional ethics as it applies to regulating the engineering profession. Most important and dominant ideas related to civil engineering and ethical practices are introduced and described, explaining basic principles as they apply to different engineering practices. The course presented detailed review of the engineering code of ethics and the professional engineers act, with emphasis on guidelines for professional engineering practices. The course covers the principles of ethics and the law, analyzing essential elements of both concepts and ethical decision making. The course explores professional liability, discusses rules of professional conduct and highlights contracts agreements. Finally, an overview of public protection issues is presented and health and safety are highlighted.

Course outcomes

Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Understand the basic essence of ethics and ethical theories
• Recognize the nature of civil engineering professionalism
• Develop the skill to identify the ethical issues that arise in the construction industry
• Understand the nature of a code of ethics
• Recognize the differences between ethical and legal issues
• Comprehend the nature of professional liability
• Understand the concepts of contract and agreement
• Recognize the nature of public protection issues

Course contents

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🔽 0 h 55 min | Introduction to Ethics
  • Ethics definition
  • Value systems
  • History of ethics
  • Professional ethics
  • Personal versus professional ethics
  • The concept of professionalism
🔽 0 h 57 min | Civil Engineering Professionalism and Ethics in Construction Industry
  • Civil engineering as a profession
  • Construction industry and national economy
  • Great wonders of engineering in history
  • Professionalism in any field
  • Major characteristics of today’s professional
  • Ethics in construction industry
  • Ethics education for construction professionals
  • The statement of ethical principles
  • Ethics in engineering practices
  • Basic moral rules in engineering practice
  • Ethical Issues facing engineers
🔽 0 h 46 min | Code of Ethics
  • What is a code of ethics?
  • Developing a code of ethics
  • Objections to codes
  • Code of conduct for professional persons
  • Guidelines for professional engineering practices
🔽 0 h 38 min | Ethical Versus Legal
  • Why study engineering ethics
  • Ethics and the law
  • Ethical decision-making
🔽 0 h 41 min | Professional Liability, Contract and Agreement
  • Professional liability
  • Liabilities of engineers in project design, construction and implementation
  • Legal and social consequences for the engineering profession
  • Rules of professional conduct
  • Guidelines
  • Contract and agreement
🔽 0 h 40 min | Public Protection Issues
  • Health and safety
  • The health and safety legislation


This course includes:

    4 h 37 min recorded video

    Downloadable resources (books and articles)

    One year access

    Access on mobile and TV

    Advanced Level

    Certificate of completion


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